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How to Quit Smoking Weed

Have you been smoking weed for a while and you feel like you are tired of having to hide your habit from family and friends?

Do you constantly feel paranoid that you will get tested at work or for an insurance claim?

Do you want to quit smoking weed, but you yourself coming back after a few weeks without it?

Let’s get things clear first. Marijuana is not some kind of wonderful miracle drug that cures all ailments. Sure, it helps people with chronic pain, but there are many side effects that are harmful to your health and the simple fact that it lowers your immune systems strength is more than enough to quit right now.

The problem is that the media has glorified weed and now it seems like all the cool and successful people do it, but that is all a big lie. Productive and successful people don’t consume a drug that makes them feel lazy and lethargic.

Do you want the cold hard truth?

If you say you could quit weed anytime and you never seem to be able to do it, you are just lying to yourself like all weed smokers are. There is a dependence that most marijuana users develop after a short time of using the drug and no matter now much they deny it, they are completely enslaved by weed and they find comfort in saying they only do it because they enjoy it.

A large number of people all over the world have suffered from this addiction. There are many people who also end up losing their jobs, losing opportunities to get great jobs and even getting divorced because of weed. Make no mistake about it. The use of marijuana might be legal in many places now, but it continues to be a vice and it alters your ability to think, to perform and to act normally.

Driving under the influence of weed is just as dangerous as driving drunk. You might feel more creative when you smoke weed, but it’s simply a euphoric effect that makes more ideas come out of your brain in a shorter amount of time. Usually, they make no sense, but to the weed smoker, they are brilliant.

You can’t allow yourself to be completely overwhelmed by a vice that drains your wallet, your energy and your ability to think without the help of chemicals. Do not let the propaganda fool you, the ultimate human being is the one that trains his body and mind for self-sufficient performance. When you allow an external agent to start enhancing your sense, you are only getting a very quick boost that is going to do more harm than good.

No need to insult anyone by saying weed is for losers. The truth is that anything you do that harms your body is a simply a bad choice to make!

Some weed addicts have the funniest excuses for their addiction. They will say that people alter their mind and body all the time by eating fruits and vegetables, but this is a very weak claim to make. The effects of weed on the body will lower your immune system and make your body react slowly to certain simulations.

This without even mentioning the large number of dangers it poses to your respiratory system. Saying that broccoli will alter your state of mind and health in any way similar to weed is just a ridiculous claim made by people who are unable to quit.

There are thousands of marijuana smokers who are addicted and looking for a way out. Statistics show an increase in search terms like “how to quit smoking weed” and it makes perfect sense that an intelligent person would see behind all of the propaganda and would want to regain their health and their freedom.

Lying to yourself is easy, but admitting you have a problem takes courage!

There is no need to remain addicted to this kind of drug. You can regain control of your life and all you have to do is be honest with yourself about the kind of problems that can be caused by marijuana. Hollywood wants you to think this is a cool thing to do and if you don’t smoke weed you are just not hype and you are a boring human being. The truth is that you are a follower if you believe that and there is nothing cool in following trends. 

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 Without any further delay let’s go over the steps to quit smoking weed.

Steps to Stop Smoking Weed

Look, when I was struggling with addiction I tried EVERYTHING to quit smoking weed…

Out of all the things I’ve tried, the six steps I’m about to share with you are the best methods that I came across to stop smoking weed.

The method is structured in 6 simple steps, and it’s backed up with academic research and on the pain pleasure principle.


The pain pleasure principle states that we are purely motivated by the desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain. Everything that we do is based on the pain pleasure principle.

It’s easy to do the things that help us avoid pain and gain pleasure. On the other hand, it’s as hard to do the things that we believe will cause us pain.

So how do we use this to stop smoking weed?

In order to stop smoking weed or change an unwanted behavior is to link MASSIVE pain to the unwanted behavior and pleasure to the new and empowering alternative, but its vitally important to focus on linking massive pain because without the pain you won’t be able to effortlessly stop smoking weed.

Moscow’s hierarchy of needs has physiological necessities as the most important need that needs to be met. Because if they’re not met you’ll experience massive pain. If you don’t eat, sleep or drink water, you’ll experience massive pain. After that comes security, health, comfort, then the need to have sexual intimacy, and develop relationships, all based on pleasure.

Essentially, the strongest human drive is pain. This is why we must link MASSIVE pain to smoking weed to the point that the thought of smoking weed makes you uncomfortable. For example, I doubt anyone would ever eat a dead cat? (I hope not!).

That’s because the thought of it repulses you.

We want to get you to that point with weed and there are six steps that I learned from Tony Robbins to achieve this.

  1. Decide what you want and what’s preventing you from having it right now (in this case its weed)
  2. Get leverage (associating massive pain to smoking weed and massive pleasure to quit weed)
  • The dickens pattern is an excellent technique to achieve this.
  • Getting leverage is similar to hitting rock bottom. Its associating so much pain to your behavior that you feel as though any other form of pain you may experience (the cravings you may feel when quitting) is nothing compared to being addicted to weed. Comparing both will make saying no to weed a better alternative in your mind.
  1. Interrupting trigger thoughts
  • Identify the events that cause you to want to smoke. For example, if wanting to smoke comes as a result of feeling stress, rather watching the stress arise and be a victim to it, immediately snap yourself out of it and change your state. Don’t let it gain ANY momentum. You can do this through listening to music that you REALLY love, or doing the white out technique.
  • If you don’t do this the pattern will naturally progress to you smoking weed. So you must identify them and make a commitment to interruptit as soon as it occurs.
  1. Create an empowering alternative
  • Find out the pleasures you get from smoking weed by asking yourself, “Why did I like smoking weed?” At the end of the day, you are seeking an emotional outcome. It can be that weed released stress, or made things more interesting. So ask yourself, “what’s the best way I can relieve stress that doesn’t include weed?” Just look around in your life for those exceptions when you accomplished feeling that way and link massive pleasure to doing that activity and massive pain to not doing it (similar to step 2).
  1. Condition the new pattern until it is consistent
  • Like I mentioned in the previous sentence, link massive pleasure to doing this activity and massive pain to not doing it, and once you do that, make sure you condition it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Make it a habit to condition this new habit every morning.
  • When you perform this new habit, reward yourself. Rewarding yourself releases dopamine, which binds the behavior and makes your brain “want” it. This makes change effortless and fast.
  1. Test it
  • In order to ensure this new behavior is engraved in your psyche, future project whenever you expect to experience cravings and notice how you’ll react. If you still manage to want to smoke weed then it means you haven’t gotten enough leverage. You must link more pain to smoking weed or else you’ll return to your old pattern of being addicted to weed.

Let’s say you have tried all these 6 steps and also tried a lot of other methods that people have used over the decades to quit weed. But because the nature of marijuana is different that alcohol or dependence on hard drugs like heroin, the traditional methods are generally much less effective.

Going cold turkey is a method that has proven to be mostly unsuccessful for those who smoke tobacco and the result is no different for those who smoke weed. Going to a rehab facility is a drastic step and often not very productive since the overall effects of marijuana are not as life threatening as alcohol or hard drugs. Medical treatments are very hit and miss with no proven results that cover a large group of people. Getting addiction counseling can be quite expensive and 12 step programs have shown to be very ineffective.

How You Can Quit Weed

Fortunately for you, there is an online self-guided program that is going to help you quit smoking marijuana and it will do it by exposing all the reasons why you are simply in denial and the reasons why you have built a shield protecting you from the truth, one truth you know, but you have decided to hide it deep inside your mind.

You can regain control of every aspect of your life and the best thing is that you will feel completely free. You will regain your ability to say no to things that cause more harm than good and you will finally stop making up excuses for your addiction. This is going to allow you to change your life completely and overcome any future problems with addiction.

Stop falling victim to a vice that takes your money, takes your energy and most of all, it destroys your health little by little, both physical and mental.

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