Quick questions: if I asked you to create a mental image of yourself, how would you describe it? Does this image excite you or does it anger you?

What if I told you that the image you have of yourself becomes a self fulfilling prophecy? That your mind naturally guides you through the lenses of this image you have of yourself?

In this article, you’re going to learn why your self image is important in helping you quit smoking weed, why its important to have one and how you can take control of your self image to help you stop smoking weed.

By the end of the article, you’ll learn how to instantly change your identity from someone who’s struggling to quit smoking weed, to someone who’s able to quit and above all, believes that it’s 100 percent possible.

The power of your self image on your behavior

I’ve always wanted to begin working out in order to get in shape, but I never had the motivation to do so.

I then decided to make an image of myself being big and muscular, and proud of my body, suddenly this image got me excited to begin working out. As simple as it may sound, but simply changing the way you see yourself in your mind does have an impact on the choices you make.

The same applies to quitting weed. If you see yourself as someone who always tries to quit but can’t, then you’re always going to repeat that same scanario. Just take a moment and notice the self image that comes up whenever you think about quitting weed. Does that excite you or does it frustrate you?

If you believe with 100% certainty that you’re going to quit smoking weed and experience all the benefits of quitting, chances are that you’ll envision that scene in your mind before it occurs. It all starts with a vision, a vision of yourself achieving this goal.

On the other hand, lets say you see yourself as someone who’s able to break any addiction. Who’s mind is reseliant and able to overcome any circumstance with enthusiasm. Chances are that by simply having this vision in your mind, you’ll feel more motivation to take action.

A method to change your self image

The way you change your self image is simple:

  1. Think of the qualities and character traits that your ideal self would have to have in order to stop smoking weed. How would this ideal self think, feel, a. If that don’t work, find someone who has the traits you’d like to adapt and envison yourself being them.
  2. Spend a few minutes a day (10-15 minutes) visualizing this ideal self and going through your day to day life and noticing the emotional state and the decision your ideal self makes.

Use this technique for 2 weeks in a row. Don’t be surprised if dramatic changes begin to unfold.

Another method I use is the Swish Pattern (you can follow me guide your through this technique my downloading it straight to your computer!):

  1. Envision your current self image. How you currently see yourself as a weed smoker
  2. Envision the ideal self that is able to overcome weed addiction and make that into an image
  3. Put the image of your current self image right in front of your mind’s eye
  4. Place the image of your ideal self a few feet behind the current image
  5. feel as though the image of your ideal self is being held with a slingshot, that if released, it’ll propel the image directly through the old image to the point that all you’ll be able ot see is your new and ideal self.
  6. Do this 10-15 times in a row, each time doing it faster and faster.

What we’re doing here is changing your normal emotional state to an emotional state that naturally causes someone to act the way you’d like to act. Most of our identity is linked to how we feel. That’s why people say, “I don’t feel like myself”, because who they are is linked to their emotional state.

By changing your state to your ideal self, your new self image, you’ll be able to transform yourself into the person you’d like to be. The more you experience this new emotional state, the easier it’ll be to access this state on a daily basis, and after a short time, it’ll be naturally ingrained in your nervous system.

Even if you fail at quitting weed in the past, change the self image of someone who failed for someone who conquers all despite the circumstance.


Remember, the identity you have of yourself is what determines your actions and ultimately, your destiny. If you see yourself as a weed smoker who can’t quit, you’ll never step out of that destructive pattern.

Allow yourself to visualize your ideal self everyday for about 2 weeks and notice how it feels to be this new self through one of the two techniques I taught you in this article.

You’ll notice that you’ll have the motivation to change and no matter how many times you fail, if you keep envisioning your new self image on a daily basis, its only a matter of time until the changes stick for good.