There are many people out there who swear that there is no such thing as marijuana withdrawal and there are no symptoms associated to stopping its consumption, but to other people this is a false statement and thousands of people who have quit the drug have experienced a good number of symptoms. The studies have also shown that these symptoms seem to be quite common in those who experience withdrawal at all.

Loss of appetite

One of the most common side effects of using marijuana is that it makes people hungry, so when you stop using it, you might find yourself having very little hunger and you could end up losing weight instead of gaining. The perfect balance is to force yourself to eat regular meals until your body adjusts.


This is a very common withdrawal symptom that people who used to smoke marijuana frequently are bound to feel from time to time. This happens because their bodies start to get used to that relaxed state that they experience when they are high on the drug and when this is no longer being provided, anxiety sets in and it can be difficult to deal with it for days and even weeks after quitting.


This is a very annoying problem that comes from cannabis withdrawal and many people report having a serious case of depression while others say it was just mild, but the best way to fight this is with plenty of exercise and activities that allow you to stay busy.


This one seems to be quite common too and a lot of people report having headaches when they would usually never experience them before quitting. This means that there is a close relationship between sudden headaches and quitting marijuana.

Difficulty falling asleep

This is also a very common problem because many people out there use marijuana to help them go to sleep and this is one of the reasons why they find it hard to sleep after they stop using the drug. It’s recommended that people try to use herbal tea for this purpose to see if they can fall asleep with the help of natural remedies.


A small group of people have reported that they feel kind of light headed and dizzy during the day or if they make any sudden movements with their heads. This is not a common symptom, but enough people have reported it and that makes it clear that it is a noticeable effect that related to quitting marijuana.

General mood swings and irritability

If you feel that you are more impatient with people than usual and everything gets on your nerves, this can easily be related to marijuana withdrawal. Mood swings seem to be very common and hey usually happen because you are craving the drug and you get angry because you know you are not supposed to use it anymore.

How long are these symptoms going to last?

This is a very good question that has no particular answer because it depends on how long you smoked weed. If you smoked heavily for many years, it could take at least 90 days for your body to readjust to living without the drug, but if you used to be a casual smoker, it can take a month and even just a few weeks.

The best thing you can do during those first weeks and months is to stay as active as possible and avoid being in situations in which you are going to be tempted to smoke marijuana. It will get much easier month after month.