Quitting Weed: My Personal Experience

I have to be completely honest as I write this review of Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide because I was one of those guys who would defend weed like a wildcat. The moment someone would go into one of the weed forums I used to visit and they would say weed was for loser or wee was bad for your health, I would always get mad and give them a piece of my mind.

I was a weed smoker for a decade. Yes, a whole decade of very frequent weed smoking. First it was once a week, then once a day, then several times a day and then I would spend a few weeks without smoking and get back to it. Weed was always present in my life and I had created a network of friends who all loved weed too.

Weed hooked me from the very beginning because it made everything look, sound, feel and taste better. It was just so great that I even felt that eating a delicious dessert was no longer something that felt half as satisfying without weed. The problem was that eventually that feeling started to wear off and I found myself smoking more and more weed every time just to feel the same sensations it gave me earlier.

One day I woke up and I found myself smoking weed early in the morning and just feeling lethargic and sleepy all day. That is when it hit me that I had become what people refer to as a “pot head”. I was no longer a joyful person who had energy all day. I was becoming a slob and a couch potato. I had transitioned from someone who enjoyed weed, into someone who could no longer feel normal without smoking weed.

I knew that I needed help the moment that I saw that my normal world was no longer a sober one. I had to smoke weed to feel normal and this has completely ruined the beauty of weed for me. The problem was that I was unable to quit. I kept telling myself I would be quitting tomorrow, but every single day turned into tomorrow. I threw away my bongs, by grinders and all the rolling paper and did what most addicts do when desperate. I flushed away my stash and told myself I would never do it again.

Next morning I woke up angry and moody and I want to smoke to ease those feelings. Then I realized I had dumped all the weed and I immediately called a friend to ask him to give me a bit of his just to smoke a joint. That was the turning point for me. I understood as I walked to his house to get the weed that I had finally reached a point of addiction. I was no longer in control, it was weed that was in control and I had been in denial for a long time.

Then I tried several methods to quit and it all lead to be smoking again after a few days. I was beginning to feel very frustrated and I decided to seek help. A friend who used to be the biggest weed smoke I knew had been clean for over 6 months now and I needed to know how he did it. He gave me a link to quit-weed.com and the rest was history.

This is a method that comes from someone who understand the addiction and knows exactly how to target it. The site offers a complete textual guide and a video program that gives you a step by step process, but most of all, it shines a light on how useless and harmful this addiction is.

It has very specific strategies and modern methods that will impress you in the sense that you will lose all interest in defending marijuana. This is the main reason why most people stay hooked to it, because they hear so much propaganda on how cool it is to smoke weed and how awesome that makes you. It’s all BS and it’s all the same as it happened with cigarettes decades ago. Eventually, everyone will see how bad it is just like tobacco has been exposed as such a deadly vice.

The following is a rundown of all the products that I used in order to get rid of my addiction for good.

Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide

Helping over 10,000 people quit weed in 27 countries all over the world, the quit marijuana guide is without a doubt the most comprehensive system that will show you how to get rid of this useless addiction. The guide will give you a step by step method that is going to allow you to kick the habit like something completely meaningless and powerless in your life.

Quid Weed GuideThe first thing that the guide does is show you how to get rid of your psychological addiction that is currently making things so difficult for you.  The physical addiction never comes close to the psychological and this is something that the guide will help you overcome easily with some important steps.

Then you will learn some powerful and sneaky secrets that will get rid of your cravings forever. This is also a crucial and important step that is going to help you quit and stay away from marijuana for good. Then you will even learn how you can sleep naturally without needing the help of having marijuana in your system to get a good night rest.

There is also a chapter that will tell you all the things you should avoid doing when you are trying to quit weed. There are some pitfalls that need to be avoided and this is also going to be a key factor in a successful detox from this addictive drug. A lung cleansing course is also included and it provides excellent results even for anyone who has been smoking for a long time.

There is also a very serious mental fog that is going to keep you Save from seeing things clearly when you are addicted to weed. This guide will remove that fog and it will help you think with logic instead of trying to find all kinds of excuses to continue to smoke weed every single day.

You will finally be able to get rid of the horrible feeling that makes you want to smoke weed all the time and you will also get email support and the chance to talk to other people who have been able to quit weed too.

The best thing is that you will have a completely new perspective on how you look at weed.

The Natural Marijuana Detox

The bonus guide on how to detox your body from marijuana is also going to be extremely useful for those who want to quit for good.Quit Weed Detox You will learn how to repair and protect your liver when you are going through the detoxing period. This detoxing program is also going to help you avoid any post marijuana depression symptoms that seem to be so common among people trying to quit weed and they usually go back to their addiction to avoid feeling this way.

This detox program is also going to help you generate and carry more oxygen through your entire body and this stimulates detoxing and makes the process faster. The idea is to eliminate all of the toxins of marijuana in your body with 100% natural methods. This is a perfect guide that is suitable for anyone even if they are vegetarians, vegans or if they have any specific diet restrictions.

Life After Marijuana

Quit Weed Life AfterThe life after marijuana audio files include 3 incredibly important life changing sessions that are going to be extremely useful or you. The first session is going to give you a very revealing look into marijuana and all the things that those who support this drug don’t want you to know.

The second sessions is going to give you very powerful and clear advice on what you should be expecting when you quit and what you should do in any situation if you feel cravings, social pressure, etc.

The third session is all about the bright future that you can have when you are not tied to this or any other addiction in your life. It will change your perspective on life and success.

Quit marijuana video program

The 8 discs contain seven sessions and a bonus disc with inside information on how weed is not going to be useful or hQuit Weed Videoelpful in any aspect of your life. They also include detailed information that will turn you from a heavy smoker into someone who doesn’t smoke weed at all.

Stop falling victim to a vice that takes your money, takes your energy and most of all, it destroys your health little by little, both physical and mental.


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