What’s cooking guy? It’s Alex! 

Yes, I’m that guy in the photo… And yes, my smile is that cheezy.

So why did I open a website about how to quit smoking weed? Simple.


I smoked weed and was able to quit. Too simple?

The truth was that I was stubborn. AA didn’t work, the 12 step approach didn’t work, none of the treatments available to the public was working with me.

I really felt helpless because nothing under the subject of dealing with addiction to weed helped.  It was a horrible feeling to feel as though I couldn’t control myself. 

So I began to study every kind of book imaginable! From books on neural linguistic programming (nlp) all the way to books on energy healing. All in the hopes of finding one thing that worked.

After 4 years of trial and error, relapsing here, relapsing there, I was finally able to break through.

As a result, I decided to put a video a few years back just tell people how I was able to quit. I wasn’t expecting anyone to see it so I never thought about it afterwards. 

The video was made on the fly, the quality sucked and to be frank, I was free-styling with whatever came to mind. But the video was a hit, and people emailed me how they were able to change just by watching my video.

People were emailing me to work with them one on one because they never experienced such lasting change in a short amount of time.

This is how I began working with people addicted to weed. I initially went on craigslist to work with people who were addicted and through working with them and seeing how almost all of them were able to quit in one session, I decided to open this site to provide the value to everyone who’s willing to listen ABSOLUTELY FREE!! 

Just enter your email below and I’ll give you weekly updates as to what I’m currently reading and learning relating to ending weed addiction right before it goes out to the public.