Cannabis or Marijuana is one of the most widely used illegal drugs and its use is on the rise today. Acute use of the drug is widespread and the consequences are dangerous. It increases the heart rate and the blood pressure and also indicted for causing tolerance where the user continues to increase the dose to maintain the kick he experiences.

One of the biggest problems with efforts to kick the habit of using weed is the social stigma attached with the act. Weed users have their own social circles and the first step in the process of de-addiction is to come out of the circle of weed users. The weed user also remains in a state of denial and this belief itself is a sign of hopelessness. Therefore the first step in how to make someone stop smoking weed is to provide a clear picture of what addiction is. There are possibilities that the person will be smoking alone or gets worried when his supply starts dwindling or he may spend most of his time with persons who use weed to get some much-needed push.

The addict can use many options which include self-help programs, psychopharmacological drugs administered under competent expert supervision, religious programs, and group psychotherapy.

Weed addiction affects not only the body but also affects your social lives affecting friends, hobbies and other social activities. Therefore the first step is to be completely honest with yourself and face the problem head on.

The best regimen for de-addiction is too slowly reducing your dosage. Slowly means one must give one month to complete the process of becoming weed free. Quitting marijuana is a long and often arduous process and if you are not able to quit in a month, don’t blame yourself for it. You are not alone and once again pick a date and stick to it. You can take two to three months also if you find it tough.

Program your de-addiction and see to it that half way down the timeline you are using half of your original dosage of weed. Evaluate each day and don’t forget to rejoice in your success. Make a portion of your stock of weed date wise so that you are not tempted to use more weed.

Weed use often wreaks havoc on your social life. As you wean yourself from the habit of marijuana, use the spare time to reconnect with friends and family members, who have distanced themselves because of your habits.

Take you hobbies forward read books and watch movies; gardening or anything which will help you take your mind off the weed. Don’t keep in person wares like lighter, matches, bong, container, and roach clips. Make a list of triggers which make you think about taking weed. Avoid them and get rid of them from your life.  Also, delete your dealer who provides weed from your contact list on your Smartphone.

Friends constitute a very important part in the de-addiction program. Reveal your plans to your friends, not the ones who were your buddies while smoking weed. Instead, reveal to your friend who has been most vociferous against your weed smoking habits. Notoriously the worst parts about how to stop smoking weed cold turkey are its withdrawal effects. Stop smoking weed side effects includes

mood swings nervousness, sleeplessness, decreased hunger, bad temper and an increase in body temperature. Make small chits with slogans about kicking off the habit of weed and paste it on your refrigerator, doors and of course your wallet.

Never hesitate to take expert advice if you are not able to fathom the journey of de-addiction. A doctor or psychiatrist can prescribe you medications that can help you to stop taking marijuana. However, these are temporary measures but the long term goal of quitting weed will depend solely on your perseverance and grit.


How to Get Someone to Stop Smoking Weed | Quit Smoking Weed
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How to Get Someone to Stop Smoking Weed | Quit Smoking Weed
Stop smoking weed side effects. Notoriously the worst parts about how to stop smoking weed cold turkey are its withdrawal effects
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