Surgery even if it is a minor one is a serious procedure which cannot be termed as 100 percent safe. It would seem perfectly right to smoke some weed to soothe the nerves in preparation for surgery. However, it will not be a wise thing to do so. Also is it ok to smoke pot after surgery? Is smoking pot a good thing post op? Will it allay the traumatic experience post operation?

How long to quit smoking weed before surgery?

The effects of cannabis last for 1.5 to 2 hours while the patient has to go to the hospital at least three to four hours before surgery for various pre-operative procedures. Smoking cannabis increases sputum production and therefore it is not recommended that the patient should smoke pot before any surgical process.

How to quit smoking weed detox? What are the risks

Often the effects of any medicine are potentiated by the presence of another substance. The effects are more pronounced than when the components are given individually. This is known as a synergistic effect. Weed has a tendency to increase the effects of tranquilizers and anesthetic drugs. Another fact which could have a bearing on the effects of weed is the changes which happen in the body. It must be remembered that both drugs and medicines are foreign substances and how the body will react to them can never be 100% predicted.

How to quit smoking weed for good? Before and after surgery

Even though the effects of Pot wear out in 2 to three hours, the blood levels of Cannabis and its compounds does not fall immediately and this can have devastating effects during surgery or post surgery. Weed usually elevates the blood pressure, something which is not recommended by any doctor during surgery. Since the patient is asked not to eat anything 24 hours prior to his surgery, if he takes the pot, the effects will be more pronounced since his stomach is empty. Food usually acts as a buffer and lowers the effects of weed on the body.

People who are addicted to weed have a higher chance of suffering from a cardiac arrest or cardiovascular ailment. Though the effects of cannabis may not seem substantial and the blood pressure or heart beat can go up or down by 5%. However, the long term effects of weed use can be serious.

How to stop smoking weed for a few days?

It is also a myth that the relaxing effect of cannabis can be used for treating hypertension or depression. This is because cannabis use in the start can improve serotonin levels and the person can have a relaxed feeling. However, in long use, the serotonin secretions are reduced and the person starts to increase the loading dose of weed and gets trapped in a vicious circle. The effects of cannabis can also cause the person to have hypotension and this is as dangerous as hypertension. The effects of weed can also confuse the anesthesiologist, and force him to titrate a higher dose for the patient with associated risks. Therefore it is in the interest of the patient to tell the anesthesiologist that he has been addicted to weed and the anesthesiologist will set the dose accordingly.

It is also not advisable to smoke weed after surgery because it can cause coughing and increased mucus production. Coughing or retching can cause the stitches to become strained and even break. Hence it is not recommended that patients smoke weed, especially after surgery. Smoking weed must be strictly stopped after abdominal surgery and surgery of the respiratory tract because the doctor will not like you to retch, cough or vomit. Vomiting or coughing can cause an increase in abdominal pressure which can undo the sutures.

The society has started to view weed as a relatively benign substance and this is the crux of the problem. Weed is something which is not bad for health and nothing is far from reality. Weed use has become acceptable and many states like Alaska, Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, and even Washington DC has legalized weed for recreational purpose. Studies have revealed that even chronic addicts have started on the minimal quantity of weed more out of curiosity and for recreation. However, with the passage of time, this quantity is increased until the person becomes a die-hard addict. The buck dies not stop there and the user graduates into using harder drugs and psychotropic substance.

Patients often contend that doctors prescribe drugs which allay anxiety and why can’t we take weed? Well, these drugs do not have a potential for misuse since the patient will be under supervision. Secondly, these drugs are regulated and are available on prescription and the Doctor will never prescribe it if it is meant for a recreational purpose.

Marijuana has a medicinal use but it is used in terminally ill patients. The doctors carefully weigh the risk and the benefit ratio and then prescribe marijuana for patients. But medicinal marijuana cannot be used as a justification for its use for recreation.

Marijuana is mostly smoked and its effects are seen in 2 to 3 hours. The most common effect is a feeling of euphoria but some persons can have just the opposite effect. Users have reported unpleasant and altered mood or dysphoria, anxiety, and agitation. It leads to increased oxygen consumption and increased blood flow which can aggravate bleeding during surgery. Often users to hasten the kick often take in deep breaths and delay the exhalation. This leads to damage of the tender tissues which line the respiratory tract and alveoli.

Cannabis was used since prehistoric times to alleviate pain caused due to injuries and childbirth. Pot indeed has analgesic effects but there are many other and much better medications which can be used to relieve pain and anxiety and the scope of misuse is also less. Hence it is in your interest that you refrain from smoking weed pre or post-operative procedures. If you cannot refrain from smoking at least inform the surgeon or Doctor about your addiction so that he can take suitable precautions. Remember your life is in the hand of the anesthesiologist and it is better to inform him so that he can adopt the least risky procedure for you.

How long to stop smoking weed before surgery
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How long to stop smoking weed before surgery
Surgery even if it is a minor one is a serious procedure which cannot be termed as 100 percent safe. It would seem perfectly right to smoke some weed to soothe the nerves in preparation for surgery.
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