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Marijuana or its namesake like pot, weed, and dope are drugs which are often used as a recreational substance. The use of weed has spawned debates with many divergent views. Some indict it for being a gateway to harder drugs, and constant use can cause brain damage, there are others who believe it to be the best painkillers and drugs to treat anxiety.

The global demand for marijuana both for medicinal as well as recreational purpose has increased. There is an ever growing group of experts who advocate the use of Marijuana for treating anxiety disorders. However, there are some who say Marijuana itself causes stress.

It is the chemical CBD or chemical compound Cannabidiol, which is useful in treating anxiety while tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC which causes anxiety in users.

However what is interesting is whether or not marijuana can cause anxiety, and can it be used as a drug for treating anxiety?

Anxiolytic drugs have a complex association with anxiety. Drugs have different levels of activity for various levels of stress. The same is the case with Marijuana. On one hand it is used to calm the mind, but on the other hand, studies have indicted it for causing anxiety. Most street drugs cause anxiety, and the cause could be either marijuana or the substance added to it to give that extra kick.

The possibility of the drugs grown improperly, laced with other substances is all very high. In such conditions instead of relaxation, the drug can give the opposite effect and cause anxiety. There are experts who opine that if weed is used by a person who is already suffering from anxiety, it will only magnify his problem instead of curing it.

So, how to prevent the panic attack or anxiety? Here are a few tips which will be useful. You can try some things to get over cannabis-induced anxiety.

The first step is to take it slow and take two hits and check out how you feel in 10 minutes. Do not hasten but give time for the weed to take effect. Always smoke weed with a full stomach. Marijuana use lowers sugar levels and also makes your heart beat faster.

Another method to reduce the incidence of anxiety is to take smaller doses. If you are new to weed consuming, smaller doses will help you overcome anxiety.  You can also try different strains and choose one which is most suitable for you. Different strains have different effects on your body. In states where weed is banned you may not have much choice, but if you have access to a dispensary, you can try different strains particularly the CBD(compound Cannabidiol) dominant strains. CBD regulates the effects of THC.

People use weed in a variety of ways, like smoking, vaping and edibles. All these methods have different outcomes. However, smoking gives the most immediate effect. Hence control is possible with smoking. The edible root is a bit tricky, but if you know the right dosage, it is the best way to consume weed.

Another factor which can alter the effect of cannabis from one causing anxiety to a relaxed feeling is the surroundings. A serene and peaceful environment will also help the user get over any weed induced anxiety.

One ancient and conventional trick is to chew peppercorns to get over anxiety caused by weed. There is also a scientific explanation for this. There is a scientific explanation as to why pepper can reduce anxiety among cannabis users. Pepper has phytocannabinoid-terpenoid acts synergistically with cannabis to lessen the feeling of anxiety.


How to stop anxiety while smoking weed
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How to stop anxiety while smoking weed
Anxiolytic drugs have a complex association with anxiety. Drugs have different levels of activity for various levels of stress.
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