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Kicking off the habit of smoking weed can be extremely difficult but not impossible. So, how to get someone to stop smoking weed? Before going into the details, let us understand who can be called an addict. Is it easy to get someone off wee, someone who has been smoking anywhere between 1-6 hits every day? It is a huge task and compliance is often very low.

Some of the common symptoms which can hit you even if you taper the dose include – Extreme irritability, talking loudly and fast, not hearing what others are saying, etc. Other symptoms include higher heart rates and increased levels of stress. Sleep disturbances, nightmares and lack of REM sleep which is most necessary for getting up the next morning fully refreshed. Fibromyalgia or body aches on all parts of the body which includes hands, calves, neck, back.

Mentally addiction to weed is not limited to addiction to a particular chemical. Rather it is addiction to the activities associated with the consumption of weed. It also means that the user becomes accustomed to something and does it daily. Often de-addiction centers associate the addict with other activities like spiritualism or making one aware what use of Cannabis does to one’s body. Often people who are on de-addiction take on much more challenging jobs like reading and studying tasks.

So the best answer to the question – how to make someone stop smoking weed is to titrate the dose slowly reducing it over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. If the person is a heavy smoker and tries to stop suddenly, he is actually making life that much more difficult for himself. It could dramatically affect one’s life and job, and could easily lead to a panic attack, a doctor’s visit, and other problems.

Exercise can serve as a catalyst in hastening the recovery from addiction. A regimen of 10,000 steps regularly done thrice per week will suffice to allay a lot of withdrawal symptoms. Consume one cup of weak coffee in the morning. It can cut dramatically the frequency and the severity of the panic attacks, shortness of breath, palpitation etc. Also, if you are a heavy Coffee drinker also, start reducing your coffee uptake, 3 weeks before you stop smoking weed.

The body contains an excess of free radicals which are formed as a byproduct during numerous metabolic processes. These free radicals can be tackled by antioxidants which are present in excess in complex carbohydrates, such as juices. Cranberry juice is one such juice which will help the addict successfully fathom the hurdles of de-addiction.  Salads are also a good addendum to food and will help to take care of the severe rectal motility problem by providing more fiber. De-addiction often leads to a spurt in craving for fat rich foods and eating salads will keep that urge under control. There are many instances when a person got over his addiction problem only to become addicted too food and become obese.

Always plan your detoxification schedule. Pay your bills in advance and stock up your kitchen with lots of fruits and vegetables. You are going to go through a roller coaster of emotions so maintain social contact at the minimum during the detoxification phase. Store a lot of entertainment in the form of DVD’s, games, and other distractions.

If the reactions are too strong, you can mellow it down by getting a short-term (one month) prescription of Alprazolam/Xanax. It will help relieve a lot of anxiety and also reassure you to have a Doctor behind you in your effort to kick the habit.

Another realization which an addict makes when he is on a detoxification program is his friends and buddies may not be the person who is very caring and close. Many of the past activities revolved around getting high and acting silly and wasting time. Try to stay around people and situations where you can’t get high.

The symptoms of withdrawal last for 10 to 26 days and are the worst on the 4th or 5th day. How to stop someone from smoking weed? The answer is probably in the question itself. It requires tremendous willpower and commitment. If someone is really trying to kick out the habit, never hesitate to encourage the person. Simple encouragements will go a long way in helping the addict know how to stop smoking weed every day.

How to Stop Smoking Weed Cold Turkey
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How to Stop Smoking Weed Cold Turkey
Kicking off the habit of smoking weed can be extremely difficult but not impossible. So, how to get someone to stop smoking weed.
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